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Offering a helping hand

As important as any equipment we supply is the initial software install support and the after sales/service support that goes with it.

What you can expect from us

Hardware Install

Software Install


Low Cost

On delivery we offer the service to unpack, install the machine into position, connect all wiring and setup the machine via USB or WiFi depending on your preference and machine capability.

We offer the service to install driver software for new and used machines across the computers you have so you can use the machine to it's full capacity.

Once all installations are complete we'll demonstrate the full capabilities of the machine, show you how and where toner/ink is installed and replaced and how to remove any simple paper jams so you don't waste any money on unnecessary call outs.

As we only charge a low, fixed fee therefore we are far cheaper than having any IT company come and install the hardware and software.  

We'll always try and find a solution for any simple software or hardware issues you may have over the phone before deciding whether it requires a call out

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I have been using KINGS for repairs since 2006 and I switched to their compatible consumables. I have managed to save approximately 40% over using Canon OEM toner. No risk to me as everything is guaranteed for 3 years. Top quality products and a pleasure to deal with.

Dan Lions

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