KINGS OFFICE SUPPLIES are an independent supplier of the latest high quality printers specialising in Canon and HP products. We also supply other well known brands.


If you're looking for a new printer we can typically deliver it to you the very next day. We'd advise the best machine for you with low running costs. We also offer the service to install the software of the machine(s) for you on your PC(s) and give a full demonstration of the printer so you're fully aware of all functionalities available to you. All new machines come with a FULL 1 YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY.

Though laser machines are typically what our customers demand we do also offer ink printers. Typically we advise laser machines due to the superior economical running costs and durability but it depends on what suits your needs best. 


As important as any Office Equipment that we supply is the after Sales/Service support that goes with it. Not only can we install and demonstrate the machines but you can contact us at any time with any questions you have and if we can help over the phone we will.


We know the industry can be a minefield so whether you're looking for new, used, leasing, purchasing, contracts, we'd always advise to have a quick chat with us so we can identify your needs and usage and advise the best route for you and most economical solution.

Contact us for a competitive quote or for more information:

020 8547 1222